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Videos to share and learn with.
Watch our Edinburgh Spanish team in action!!

You can now also find instructions on how to create your own Avatar and how to send messages to other participating families in Activity 6

Great ideas!
Postings with great and creative ideas to involve and share with the children.

Important events!
Postings of your child's first words in the new language!!!

Articles wall

13-03-05 - BILFAM-Our family final event at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. (2)
13-03-05 - BILFAM-Event by Flere språk til flere (Bilingualism Matters Branch in Trømso)at Trømso Central library! (2)
13-03-05 - BILFAM-Event at the Instituto di Cultura Italiana in Marseille! (1)
12-07-13 - SOME MORE THANKS... (8)
12-07-03 - Counting on going forward (7)
12-07-02 - Getting the kids inspired (5)
12-06-24 - Fantastic times with Hocus and Lotus (7)
12-06-18 - pairs (7)
12-06-16 - Hocus and Lotus update (9)
12-06-15 - Every loves singing in the car! (6)
12-06-01 - Music and Hocus and Locus in our house... (8)
12-05-30 - LEARNING LANGUAGES WHILST PLAYING:Article in the Italian Press (8)
12-05-30 - 2nd phase...implantation! (5)
12-02-19 - BILFAM Promotional video URGENT appeal!!!! (16)

Bilfam NEWS

Read about how BILFAM did in Scotland in the Scotsman ...

Hocus and Locus on European Day of Languages...
The Edinburgh team celebrated this fabulous day on 26th of September by going into schools and letting Hocus and Lotus tell their stories in German, French and Spanish...

Martha spent the last few weeks sharing Hocus and Lotus adventures in Spanish and Italian whilst working with the children at UNITOTS nursery in Edinburgh. Everybody received our Dinocrocks with enthusiasm and had loads of fun!!!!

has been awarded the European Label for “Innovative Thinking in Teaching/Learning a Foreign Language”. Anca Colibaba, our Rumanian partner tells us that we have been awarded the third best vote in a very a tough competition!!!

Meet your BILFAM friends!
You can now chat and have a laugh with your friends in another language via Video Conference for FREE. You can read the instructions on how to do this in ACTIVITY 12.

Another BILFAM Game for you...
The TABLEGAME is finally ready in FRANÇAIS, German, Italian and Spanish! Enjoy!

Second Meeting with BILFAM-Families.
Participants met for the second time on the 6th of February 2012 at 5pm, at University of Edinburgh, Dugald Steward Building to discuss progress and experiences.
A great thank you from Antonella and Martha to all the children and parents who attended!!.

Go to blog to upload some feedback...

Puppet theatre activity.
Follow the instructions in ACTIVITY 5 on the activities page on how to make your own puppet theatre up to Format 6. Have fun!!

Log in and access our E-Books up to Format 6 in German, Spanish, French and Italian here NOW!! Share your experience on our forum by clicking here.

Instructions on how to record and upload your videos.
You can now find the instructions on how to produce and share you videos in ACTIVITY 8 Camera aaaand AAACTION!

New files to download!!
More fun! You can now practise your vocabulary by playing the MEMORY game for Format 1 and Format 2.
You can also read two fantastic articles on Bilingualism and the Brain which you can find on our BILFAM download page

EVEN in Australia they know about us!!

Susanna Burchielli from SBS Radio, Australia interviews Proff Antonella Sorace. Listen to the whole broadcast here.

Watch our latest TV broadcast of the project from our partners in Hospitalet (Barcelona)!

Let´s become a bilingual Family!

125 families in 5 European countries will embark on the adventure of learning a new language with the dinocrocs Hocus and Lotus, based on the learning and teaching model "The Narrative Format" created by Professor Traute Taeschner of the University of Rome 'La Sapienza'.

This research project, funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission, started on 1 December 2010 and will last for two years.

All participating families were be provided with a tutor, a guide, the materials and activities to use together and online tutoring through this website.

This research will investigate how families have responded to this new experience and how much children and parents have learned. The results were presented in a final event in each of the participating countries and disseminated in other European states.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. The entire contents of this web-page reflects only the views of the authors, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.